What’s Dual Pixel AF and why is it the best?

Just recently, Samsung has introduced its new-gen flagships Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge. The smartphones have much to boast of, but today we’ll focus on the camera.

samsung galaxy s7 Dual Pixel AF

Samsung employs IMX 260, an 1/2.5-in sensor by Sony. In comparison with 2015’s Galaxy S6, separate pixels of the new sensor grew larger (1.44 microns), while the lenses obtained a wider aperture (f/1.7). The manufacturer also made the camera more compact so that it does not protrude from the body. Moreover, both flagships’ cameras employ Dual Pixel AF.

With the Dual Pixel technology, every pixel of the camera’s sensor has a built-in phase photocell. Thus, the camera can focus on any object in picture, quickly and precisely, regardless of their position.

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