What accessories are available for Galaxy S7 by Samsung?

The first Galaxy S7 smartphones by Samsung are yet being prepared to appear on the store shelves, but a vast range of accessories is already available to buyers. If you have plans afoot to purchase this top-range device, while also saving a penny on accessories, it seems reasonable to order them at Aliexpress as soon as today, so that they’re delivered to you just before the launch of sales of Samsung Galaxy S7. At great prices, you can purchase a protective case or a tempered glass for the display, or a station for wireless charging – the feature that have become essential in Samsung’s flagships.

samsung galaxy s7 case

Surprisingly, tempered glass covers have become a popular way of protecting the display. Such a glass is laid directly on the front panel, being much more wear-resistant than a regular screen protector.

The durability of modern glass protectors is 9H by the Mohs grade, which is comparable with sapphire glass. The additional glass layer has virtually no effect on the smartphone’s dimensions, as the Sundatom glass, for instance, is only 0.2 mm thick.

Besides resistance to scratches and fingerprint marks, some glass protectors offer protection against sun glints, which increases the smartphone’s outdoor usability.

Any accessory must be designed to improve the experience of using the smartphone or tablet. In addition to protection of the device’s body, silicone cases ensure delightful tactile sensations.

samsung galaxy s7 case

Fans of ultra-thin solutions will be more than satisfied with 0.3 mm thick silicone cases. Such a case does not add up extra millimeters to the smartphone’s slender body, while performing all the designed functions nevertheless.

Among numerous cases of similar appearance, you may encounter unconventional fluorescent cases with various patterns. For girls, they offer cases patterned with sakura blossom.

samsung galaxy s7 case

Someone, who dislikes the metal and glass body of Galaxy S7, may garb the flagship device into a rigid case with wooden structure.

samsung galaxy s7 case

If the level of smartphone’s protection is your first consideration, have a close look at advanced solutions with reinforced corners for damping impacts.

samsung galaxy s7 case

For the most perfectionist users, there was developed a flexible case made of carbon fiber by military standards for maximum protection of the body against impacts and drops.

samsung galaxy s7 carbon case

However, many prefer enhanced functionality over wear-resistance. For instance, the book case transformable into a holder can be called a classic mobile accessory.

samsung galaxy s7 case

Leather cases are intended to highlight the status and sophisticated taste of the smartphone’s owner.

samsung galaxy s7 case

The already known manufacturer Nillkin has presented flip cases with a smart window for quick reading of notifications and interaction with favorite interface element.

samsung galaxy s7 case

Thousands of smartphone owners have appreciated the convenience of wireless charging, and the future Galaxy S7’s buyers won’t be an exception. Unfortunately, they’ll have to purchase a wireless charging station separately; however, the highly technological accessory is today available in various modifications.

samsung galaxy s7 Wireless charging devices

Wireless charging devices of the Qi standard can be used to charge not only Galaxy S7 by Samsung, but other compatible gadgets as well. A delightful bonus is the leather case for convenient transportation.

Fans of the Korean manufacturer’s flagship line-up are happy with the reintroduction of memory card slots. Today the market offers a vast variety of microSD flash memory cards, including brand-name media of any capacity.

samsung galaxy s7 memory card

Memory cards often come completed with a simple card readers for the PC.

However, you can find more interesting packages with universal card readers compatible with both desktop computers and mobile devices.

samsung galaxy s7 universal card