Samsung Galaxy S7 with Qualcomm’s chipset doesn’t differ from Exynos-based version

It is customary for Samsung to release two modifications of its flagship smartphone. One of them is built on the basis of the brand-name chipset Exynos, and the other is on the basis of Qualcomm processor. Exceptions occur, too – although they are rare. In particular, Galaxy S6 was released with just one processor, Exynos 7420. However, this year Samsung’s decided to go back to the roots and released two modifications of Galaxy S7. One of them operates on the basis of Snapdragon 820, the other is fitted with Exynos 8890. The two devices are assumed to be peers, but some enthusiasts have decided to compare the performance levels of different Galaxy S7 versions in several tests. Worth noting, Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890 have a number of key dissimilarities. For instance, Samsung’s chipset has eight cores, while Qualcomm’s possesses four. Other differences relate to the clock frequency and graphics unit. All of these factors have affected the results of the tests.

samsung galaxy s7 qualcomm vs exynos

To collect the maximum amount of data, the enthusiasts have subjected the two Galaxy S7 modifications to various benchmark tests. Remarkably, some tests were topped by the one model, some by the other. For instance, the Snapdragon 820-based device scored more points in AnTuTu, than the smartphone based on Samsung’s chipset. However, Exynos 8890 had the lead in the multi-core Geekbench test.

However, despite some insignificant differences, the flagships turned out to be peers by performance.