Galaxy S7 manufacturing costs Samsung as much as Galaxy S5

After the iFixit team’s report, the marketing agency IHS estimated that the components of the flagship Galaxy S7 cost Samsung as much as Galaxy S5 did two years ago. The announced cost of components and materials is $255, while the retail price of the smartphone is $670 in the US. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has actually become the improved version of Galaxy S6, which is proved by many a detail. In turn, the S6 was a huge step forward as against Galaxy S5; however, development of technology and manufacturing processes has logically changed the cost of a number of components.

samsung galaxy s7 manufacturing costs

The priciest part is the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, which costs approximately $62. Unfortunately, the price of the Exynos 8890 used in the international version of S7 is not revealed. The 12 MP camera Samsung Dual Pixel with a quick AF system costs Samsung $13.70.

The manufacturing cost of other components makes up $174.30. IHS adds up around $5 for the assembly of each smartphone. Worth recalling, the cost estimation method of IHS does not involve the cost of development, testing, logistics and marketing.

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