Another software update for Galaxy S7 by Samsung

Flagships Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge have come on stage just recently, but Samsung is already preparing a large-scale update for the new smartphones. Such a move on their part is understandable: Samsung is striving to release their Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge internationally in the finest fashion. Unfortunately, so far there’s no confirmed and comprehensive information on the update. It is only known for certain that the update will eliminate a number of minor drawbacks detected in the first batch of devices.

samsung galaxy s7 manual update

The update under the code name XXU1APAW for Galaxy S7 (model index SM-G930F) was released on March 10; it rectifies several minor software problems that were detected during the smartphone’s presentation at MWC 2016.

Worth recalling, it’s already the second update for Galaxy S7. Earlier, an update was released to extend the Edge Screen functionality and eliminate a couple minor bugs.